Brain & Behaviour


A   Identify.

B   What would a lesion of this structure result in?

C   Which nerves receive branchial motor efferents from the nucleus located here?

D   What type of fibers originate here and which peripheral nerve do they travel with?

A   tract of solitarius

B   hypoglossal nucleus, no innervation to muscles on ipsilateral side, atrophy of ipsilateral muscles,
tongue will deviate to the side of the lesion upon protrusion

C   nucleus ambiguus. gives efferents to ix, x [and xi (cranial root)]

D   dorsal motor nucleus of vagus - parasympathetics travel with x

A   Identify.

B   Identify. What is the pathophysiological significance of this area during increased ICP?

A   thalamus

B   uncus can herniate through tentorium cerebelli and cause compression of cniii and the midbrain