Brain & Behaviour


A   Describe the motor and sensory deficits associated with a spinal cord injury at C8 encompassing the hatched area.

A   Brown Sequard Syndrome:
  • loss of pain & temperature on contralateral side of body
  • loss of discriminative touch, vibration & proprioception on ipsilateral side of body
  • UMN lesion on ipsilateral side of body
  • LMN for C8 myotome
A   Identify. What is this structure derived from?

B   What modality is carried by these fibres?

A   denticulate ligament derived from pia

B   motor
A   Identify.

B   What type of neuron is found in this structure?

A   cauda equina

B   DRG, spinal ganglion (contains pseudo-unipolar, sensory neurons)
A   Where do the fibres originating in this structure terminate?

B   Identify.

A   contralateral VPL of thalamus

B   pyramid, corticospinal tract
A   Identify.

B   Where are the cell bodies of the fibres traveling in this structure located?

A   pons

B   pyramids - cell bodies are in the ipsilateral motor cortex